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Please call us at 603.260.1101. 

Our outgoing message will provide you with

up-to-date information about our availability.

To ensure the privacy of personal information, 

we discourage the use of email or text for correspondence.

Well Sense Well Sense Well Sense See our ad on Psychology Today:

Using the 'find therapist' search bar, enter 03246,

then select Leslie A. Gray.

We participate with:



Anthem BC/BS of NH

Blue Cross Blue Shield

BC/BS of Massachusetts


Harvard Pilgrim

Health Plans, Inc.

Humana Military

Matthew Thornton


United Behavioral Health

Out-of-network (NH & MA)

All major credit cards

Cash or Checks

Please note that we do not participate with:

Medicaid or Medicare Plans

Clients who carry these plans pay out-of-pocket. 

Please call for our OOP rates.

109 Court Street Laconia, NH 03246

783 Elm Street Laconia NH 03246